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County Clare, Ireland


Art is for Everyone

Art is not just for the special few but is also a wonderful form of therapy (I call it escapism) to get away from all the terrible things happening in the world and in our lives and escape into a more beautiful world inside ourselves.

There is something very special about painting with oils. Unfortunately, so many people feel intimidated because it is supposedly more difficult than other mediums and you need to study for years before you understand the rules. That is not true.

There are a few very basic rules. The method I use I learnt through trial and error over many years and acquired my own way of painting without disregarding any of the rules. Sometimes, it's the mistakes that sparks off a wonderful new technique.

We are fortunate today to have many wonderful products so we don't have to endure smelly thinners and all the other negatives associated with oil painting.

On the menu to your left, you will see Art Courses: Programme. There is something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or advanced.

So, come along and I hope that you will enjoy the wonderful world of oil painting as much as I do.

Avril Brand


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